Ameirah Neal

Peer Education Coordinator



Direct Phone: 



Ameriah Neal is a transgender woman of color who started her transition at the age of 18. She received an Associates Degree in Fashion Marketing from The Art Institute of York Pennsylvania and a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Fashion Design from The International Academy of Design and Technology in Tampa, FL.

Ameriah started her nonprofit career in 2015 working as a peer educator for HIPS here in Washington, D.C. At HIPS she used a combination of her art background and passion for LGBTQ causes to create a mural of self love for the client population. This work lead her to become the micro-enterprise consultant for Get Life, a HIPS program that helps trans women of color capitalize on the skills they posses and translate those skills into marketable work skills in order to make a living.

When Ameirah is not at SMYAL she can be found reading, drawing, designing, or painting. 

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