SMYAL's 18th

Annual Fall Brunch

Save the date: November 15, 2015

Join SMYAL at the Mandarin Oriental in celebrating another year of dynamic work in Washington, DC, and show your support for our area's LGBTQ youth. Enjoy our silent auction, cocktail reception, and 3-course brunch as you hear from some of our community's most inspiring leaders and personalities. To learn more follow the buttons below.

Table Leaders

The commitment of SMYAL's Table Leaders helps bring this extraordinary event to life. SMYAL is honored to have their support and we remain grateful for the dedication they bring to the organization and our LGBTQ youth.  If you are interested in becoming a table leader this year you can register here or learn more hereBelow is a list of the 2014 Table Leaders who helped bring the event to life.

Table Admirals
Tony Anderson & Kevin Lorei
Douglas Armstrong & Steve Dobberowsky
Richard Bernstein
Dennis Black & Scott Wallis
Susan & Dixon Butler
Karim Fadli & EJ Dunlap
Joe Gale & Will Hopkins
Rich Gottwald & Jim Harden
James & Jason Hafferman
Ken Kadlec
Jeff & Trevor Blake Krehely
Eric Lamar
Jason Laney
Jessica Lee & Deb Fenstermaker
Hayden & Georgie Mora
Jeffrey Nelson & Rob Cogorno
Edward Palmieri & Christopher Schriever
Todd Peterson
Mike Schwartz & Carl Menninger
Sultan Shakir
K. Dane Snowden
Neil Starkey
Damon Wilson
Jay Vilar
Table Captains
Andrew Barnett & Anthony Cotton
Daniel Berler
Cheryl Clarke
Kevin DiLallo 
Jocko Fajardo
Greg Farber & Marcus James
Billy Fettweis
Michael Fowler
Charles Keller
Renata Maniaci
Nan Mathis
Danielle & Aisha Moodie-Mills
Scott Moorhead
Janelle Perez
Progressive Dinner
Betsy Pursell & Schroeder Stribling
Danny Reed
Liz Rose & Richard Jerome
Milla Sanes & Susan Cocoran
Brian Scott
Roger Sucharski & Cuong Ho
Caroline Willis
Young Donors Committee

Fall Brunch Sponsors

The support of our Fall Brunch Sponsors strengthens SMYAL's ability to continue to offer high quality programming to the region's LGBTQ youth. If you are interested in joining us as an event sponsor this year, please fill out the sponsorship form or learn more here. We are tremendously grateful to our 2014 Fall Brunch sponsors.

2014 Sponsors



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For more information about any aspect of the 18th Annual Fall Brunch,
please contact or 202-546-5940.