Tyrese Curtis

Youth Fellow




Tyrese is a youth fellow here at SMYAL. As a native D.C Washingtonian, growing up, there weren’t many positive role models or programs that he knew about.

When Tyrese heard about SMYAL he took the opportunity to reach out to one of the mentors. She ended up being a great role model and someone Tyrese really looked up to. Tyrese started coming to SMYAL programs and hasn’t looked back!

Tyrese is excited about the potential to become more educated about the LGBTQ community and to grow intellectually and personally through his work.

He loves helping others - being a fellow at SMYAL is not just a job it's his passion. He’s thrilled he gets to talk to struggling, angered, and even lost youth and help them, much like he was assisted when he was younger.

When not working at SMYAL Tyrese can be found writing poetry, writing songs, and reading. 

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