Jaden Randolph

Jaden Randolph is an artistic young leader who seeks to inspire those around her. In high school, Jaden became involved with the Latin American Youth Center’s STRIPES program ((Sharing, Taking Responsibility, Respect for Self and Others, Identity, Participation, Educational Goal-setting, and Self-acceptance). Thorugh STRIPES, Jaden ran a radio segment called Rainbow Talk that dealt with LGBTQ+ issues, sexual health and wellness, the transgender community and how to build Pride in marginalized communities. She also led a workshop: Finding Queer visibility in media for the annual Leading with Pride conference which engaged students throughout the DMV area.

In addition, Jaden also led an effort to create more equitable and gender-neutral graduation gowns at her high school. Jaden said, “Don’t be afraid to take a stand and try to change things. My peers and I did it.”