Breaking Ground

This unique program utilizes the theatre and performing arts to detail the lives, challenges and journeys of LGBTQAI+ of color in the DC Metro area. We explore in-depth issues such as HIV/AIDS, sexuality, racism, transphobia, abuse, mental health, and substance abuse. Participants then courageously develop a musical theatre production addressing these topics that directly reflect their experiences.


The program, formally known as Brother 2 Brother, began in 2014 in collaboration with Developing and Empowering New Images of Men (DENIM), the youth center of Us Helping Us, People Into Living, Inc, an HIV care and prevention organization. The 2014 performance entitled #BehindTheMask was performed at the Anacostia Arts Center, with two sold-out performances. This program won the 2015 White House Champions of Change Award for LGBT Artists.

Breaking Ground Promo (2017)

Kaleidoscope of a Broken World