Lintle Motsoasele

Q: Tell us about your time at smyal:
A: My experience with SMYAL in all has been a very positive experience. I learned a lot about myself from the staff and peers. I learned that I’m a leader in my own way. I learned that it’s okay to speak out because you never know who you’re helping with your words and bravery. One of my favorite memories with SMYAL was when we went to Congress and Cyndi Lauper was there. We got a chance to ask her question about her True Colors [Fund]. I remember seeing a transgender man, and he was talking about his experience in office and how positive it was, and I just remember saying to myself, “wow, my kids are going to be alright because my god look at how far we have come.”

Q: Where are you now?
A: Right now I’m working as a server and a soon to be MAC girl. I’m working on my music, just making sure that I further my chances in moving to New York and living my dreams.

Q: What advice would you give current smyal youth?
A: Take every single moment inside those blue walls and make them a part of your life outside.