Major Donor Spotlight: Jackie Stanley

This August, it is our honor to highlight major donor Jackie Stanley.

Jackie, who recently joined SMYAL’s Major Donor Committee, shared with us why it’s important to her to give back to SMYAL and what’s bringing her joy in 2021!

How did you get involved with SMYAL?

My sister (Paige) and good friend (Megan) are both long-time SMYAL supporters, and they encouraged me to get involved. SMYAL’s mission spoke to me immediately.

What inspired you to become a major donor and join the Major Donor Committee?

I love that SMYAL allows major donors to be active investors in the future of the organization. Although SMYAL’s impact is huge (and growing!), it is not so big a place that you can’t see and help shape the impact of your donations. I am privileged to have the means to donate, and I can’t think of a better cause.

Why is it important to you to give back to SMYAL?

I am not living in DC right now, but DC will always be my home, and LGBTQ+ people are my people. I wanted to make a positive impact on the city and people that taught me so much, and SMYAL seemed like a perfect fit.

You recently joined the Major Donor Committee. What events/projects are you most looking forward to working on with this volunteer group?

There’s so much cool stuff going on, and I wish I could get involved in more of it! If I had to pick what inspires me most at the moment, it’s Little SMYALs. These kids are the future and they GET IT. The earlier in life we can empower kids to love themselves for who they really are and to tap into their unique gifts, the better.

What is bringing you joy in 2021?

The return of live music! There’s something about seeing masses of people who don’t know each other move and sing in unison that really gets me. My wife and I are also really grateful to see our kids (12 and 15) reconnecting with friends this summer and eating food we did not cook!

Join Jackie in investing in the future of SMYAL’s programs for LGBTQ youth by joining, renewing, or upgrading your major donor membership.