Donations of stock, bonds, mutual funds, and other securities will help ensure that SMYAL’s doors remain open for youth in need of support, while also providing you with considerable tax benefits, including income tax and capital gains tax savings. Discuss your donation with your broker to learn more about possible benefits. While donations of any amount are appreciated, major gifts from individuals make an enormous impact on the outreach and programs we are able to provide. Gifts above $1,000 allow us to fund current initiatives, expand our reach, and plan for the future. Gifts of this amount enter the donor into SMYAL’s Major Donor Club that includes events and activities for our most loyal donors throughout the year.

It is simple and secure to transfer stock electronically. Please follow these steps:

1) Contact your broker to request a stock transfer from your account to SMYAL (legal name: Sexual Minority Youth Assistance League). Your broker will need the following information:

Account Name: Sexual Minority Youth Assistance League
EIN#: 52-1394900
Fidelity account number: Z50153974
Fidelity account type: Corporate
Fidelity 4 Digit DTC Number: 0226
Fidelity office number: 800-854-2832
Fidelity address:

Fidelity Investments
Attn: TOA Receives
PO Box 770001

Cincinnati, OH 45277-0036

Please contact the Fidelity office at 800-854-2832 if you need assistance.

2) Contact Jason Laney at (202) 567-3155 or [email protected] with the name of the stock and the number of shares you will transfer. We need this information in order to acknowledge your gift promptly and accurately.

If you have any questions about how to transfer stocks, please contact Jason Laney at (202) 567-3155 or [email protected].