Activist Camp

What is the Activist Camp?

Activist Camp is a four day, three night camp for high-school age LGBTQ+ and ally-identified youth across DC, Maryland, and Virginia. This year’s Activist Camp primes campers to jump into activism of their own! Through workshops, guest speakers, and field trips across the city, we will unpack what it means to do political advocacy, grassroots organizing, arts activism, and archival activism (preserving history!).

Keep a lookout for updates from this year’s Activist Camp on our social media pages!

When is the Activist Camp?

(date changes depending on the year)

Dates: July 11, 2019 – July 14, 2019

Camp begins at 9am on Thursday, July 11, and ends at 4pm on Sunday, July 14.

What is the DC Regional GSA Network?

The DC Regional GSA Network builds the power of LGBTQ+ youth and Gender & Sexuality Alliances across the DC, Maryland, and Virginia metropolitan area to make schools safer for all. We coordinate leadership trainings, regional summits and conferences, and advocacy activities, the activist camp, and a regional youth council (which you should be a part of!)

How much does it cost?

SMYAL’s Activist Camp is FREE! SMYAL will cover all travel, food, and accommodations for the duration of the trip. This includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, as well as travel to and from SMYAL and our camp lodgings, and any other trips or events that we take campers on! That said, if you’re a heavy snacker, or think you’ll want to dive into any gift shops we might come across, make sure to bring some of your own money!

Who can go to the activist camp?

SMYAL’s Activist Camp is open to all high-school age students in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. If you are in high school, or entering high school, at the time you apply, you are eligible to attend!

For more information please contact Rebecca York at

Sample workshops include:

  • Unpacking Power, Privilege, and Intersectionality
  • Find Your Ally(ship)
  • Trans 101 & 102
  • Creating Grassroots Change

Sample activities include:

  • Horseback riding
  • Pokemon Go games
  • Making zines