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  • SMYAL Library

    Looking for something new to read? Check out a book from SMYAL’s Library of LGBTQ literature, including fiction, biographies, plays, and more. You can borrow books from the youth center at any time.

    Interested in sharing your book collection? We’re always happy to take donations. Just contact Thank you!

  • GSA Network

    The national GSA Network connects school-based Gender and Sexuality Alliances with each other, so that each individual chapter does not stand alone. Though this site focuses on California programs, it has great resources for all educators to create and develop a GSA and promote acceptance in their schools. Also, don’t forget to check out DC’s state GSA Network, based right here at SMYAL!

  • SMYAL Housing Program

    According to the DHS youth census 43% of Washington’s homeless youth identify as LGBTQ. 330 homeless youth total were counted in this same census. Over the last year SMYAL has provided shelter, food, case management services, crisis intervention, and community support for 13 LGBTQ youth ages 18-24. 85% of our youth are currently employed and/or attending school. Our Youth Housing program offers monthly life skills courses and community engagement opportunities including nutrition and cooking classes, financial literacy, healthy relationships and communications, self defense classes, and resume workshops. Entry into the program is a part of the District of Columbia coordinated entry for homeless persons. Anyone interested in entering the program will need to have an intake interview. To schedule an interview, please call 202-567-3166.

  • Scholarships & Financial Aid for LGBTQ Students

    This guide provides A comprehensive list of scholarships for LGBTQ students planning for their graduate education. The guide is broken down by subject, and includes pertinent information for applying for scholarships, and even tips for applying and securing financial aid.

  • Guide to the Most Progressive LGBTQ Graduate Degrees

    Laws and policies supporting LGBTQ individuals have expanded in the last decade, yet LGBTQ graduate students may still have concerns when selecting a school, taking a job, or moving to a new city. Go Grad’s guide helps alleviate those concerns by providing research-driven information on the best LGBTQ degree programs, top employers for diversity, and most inclusive cities.

  • Scholarships for African American Students

    84% of African American students used Pell Grants to finance their education and graduated with debt, compared to just 60% of white students. To help bridge this funding gap, the college planning experts at developed a holistic financial aid guide specifically for black students. They context for how students can best take advantage of available resources while offering a comprehensive listing of scholarships.

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