Janeé Nealey

Janeé Nealey


School Engagement Specialist

[email protected]

Janeé Nealey is a queer and nonbinary educator, organizer, theologian, and STEM enthusiast. Janeé joined SMYAL in 2023 to deepen SMYAL’s connection to local K-8 classrooms. They develop youth curricula and teacher training programs to champion inclusion for every child.

Prior to SMYAL, Janeé designed courses that served over 12,000 students in DC and school districts along the East Coast. Since 2020, Janeé has volunteered with MathSpeaks, a DC-based organization that amplifies STEM literacy in Black middle schoolers.

Janeé loves to play games on their computer and Nintendo Switch. They can be found coloring, puzzling, writing, or sharing a laugh. They have an adoring partner, a beautiful black cat, and a wonderful community that showers them with joy and love!