Jhirbron Tonge

Jhirbron Tonge


Youth Engagement Manager

[email protected]

Jhirbron is SMYAL’s Youth Engagement Manager where he plans and facilitates weekly programming for queer & trans youth. Previously, Jhirbron served as SMYAL’s Health & Wellness Coordinator at SMYAL.

Jhirbron was raised in Washington DC and graduated from School Without Walls senior high school. Jhirbron originally came to SMYAL as a Health Impact Specialist from the Department of Health where he worked to create a system of care for both HIV negative and HIV positive men who sex with men (MSM) and transgender individuals of color in the DMV area to increase their overall quality of life. Jhirbron wishes to further his education so he can be a therapist to youth.

Jhirbron has always been passionate about helping others and improving the well-being of people’s lives. He believes that any person can make a difference. When not at SMYAL, Jhirbron can be found meditating at a park, playing video games with friends, or writing poetry.