Malachi Braithwaite

Malachi Braithwaite (she/her) is a talented musician who has made it her mission to carve out a space for black trans women in the world of (classical) music. As a leader, Malachi encourages other youth to rethink their biases and to try to be more open-minded, as evidenced by her time with ECO City Farms, where she created a workshop for inclusivity and the queer experience to help educate her peers. She also helps foster connections and safe spaces for her peers, which she accomplished with her high school’s GSA, where she organized a fundraiser for binders, created a queer and trans BIPOC youth circle, and helped host a drag show for the students. In 2019, Malachi spoke at SMYAL’s Fall Brunch as a representative of the first cohort of Little SMYALs participants.  Malachi will be attending the Berklee School of Music in the fall of 2023.