Rebecca York

Rebecca York


Director of Youth Development & Community Engagement

[email protected]


As the Director of Youth Development and Community Engagement, Rebecca is proud to lead a dedicated team of youth serving professionals in creating safe, affirming, and educational spaces for LGBTQ+ youth and their adult allies. This is a return to SMYAL, for Rebecca, who’s relationship with the organization began in high school, and continued in their early professional career. They are very excited to be back! 

Prior to this, Rebecca designed and delivered LGBTQ+-focused DEIB learning programs for Fortune 500 companies. Through this work, they supported the build out and launch of LGBTQ+ Self-ID programs, inclusive bathroom designs and language, transition guidelines, countless pronoun and ally campaign rollouts, and more. They have a B.A. in the Study of Women and Gender from Smith College. 

In their spare time, Rebecca enjoys going to a weekly drawing group, teaching themself to play the guitar, and trying out new recipes for family and friends.