Trinity Rich

Trinity Rich is a natural leader. Even as the Co-President of Washington Latin Public Charter School’s GSA and chief organizer of her school’s first GSA dance, Trinity finds leadership in the quiet moments like mentoring other queer students at school or celebrating her identity by posting pictures from Pride on Instagram. Trinity wants to start conversations but doesn’t always need a megaphone to do so.

Trinity said, “Being a leader can be in subtle moments of friendships or in leading a revolution. I align more with the former. The greatest impact of my leadership on my community has been in developing intimate relationships and being unapologetic. Whether it was giving advice to a quiet freshman or questioning someone’s belief in the gender binary on a Sunday morning, I have made positive impacts on the lives of those around me through being an out LGBTQ leader. In allowing me to grow, change and make mistakes, my community has had a similar positive impact on me.”