Tsion Cummings

Tsion Cummings is a dedicated young leader pursuing a degree in anthropology at the University of Rochester. In high school, Tsion and other out LGBTQ students at his school did not feel welcome and decided to join the newly formed Gender and Sexualities Alliance (GSA). In the GSA, Tsion and his peers provided support to students by giving them a safe and confidential place to talk about their identity and struggles and organized learning activities to nurture relationships including expression sessions and cultural competency trainings. In 2019, Tsion joined the Young Women’s Project where he become a sexual educator and prepared testimony for the DC Council on behalf of students in the city.

Of his work, Tsion said, “My work with my school’s GSA and YWP has had a lasting impact on me. It gave me a voice and the power to stand up for those who didn’t have one. I got confidence that I never thought I could attain. Most importantly, it gave me the capability to substantial influence on my school and DC community.”