Ty Kitchen

Ty Kitchen


Little SMYALs Program Manager

Ty Kitchen joined the SMYAL team in 2021 as the Community Engagement and Youth Leadership Manager and became the Little SMYALs Program Manager in May 2022. In this role, Ty coordinates SMYAL’s programming for ages 6-13 and their families.

Ty is a nonbinary educator, youth worker, camp counselor, and queer advocate. They have a degree in education from Connecticut College and has been working with kids and teens in educational settings since they were a teen themself! Ty has worked with youth ranging in age from PreK-undergraduate in classrooms, afterschool programs, summer camp, and legal advocacy settings. Ty strives to create spaces where youth can be seen and empowered as their whole authentic selves.

When not laughing with youth at SMYAL, Ty can be found playing with their tiny dog, making poetry zines, reading queer YA novels, tending to their houseplants, and finding little bits of queer magic and joy in everyday life.